Is my patient eligible? 

Frequently asked questions

Can we recruit patients on IV inotropes?

Patients on IV inotropes would still be considered acutely decompensated and should not be enrolled until their condition improves.

Can we recruit people who are on the transplant list?

Yes. However, subjects who are undergoing a prolonged hospitalization prior to their transplant may be too acutely ill to be enrolled. We suggest waiting until the subject is at or near discharge or recruiting as an outpatient.

Can we recruit inpatients?

Yes, as long as they are no longer acutely decompensated. We suggest waiting until near discharge.

Is there a study specific definition of decompensation?

There is no specific definition. Decompensation is deferred to the PI’s discretion. In general, once subjects are ready for discharge, they are considered no longer acutely decompensated.

Is it okay to enroll patients on prophylactic antibiotics prior to a medical or dental procedure?

Yes. Prophylactic antibiotics are fine. Antibiotics for an acute infection would be an exclusion.

Does a returning participant need to meet the inclusion criteria to be re-vaccinated?

No, participants enrolled in a previous year may be re-enrolled as long as they do not meet any exclusion criteria.

Can we recruit subjects that in the opinion of the physician will pass away from cardiac causes within 6-9 months?

Yes, as long as they are not currently acutely decompensated.